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Mark Simos ~  Just Released! (Aug 2003)

Crazy Faith (2003)

Hurting Sure, Dangerous Boys, Crazy Faith, Stopping at the Gate/Take Me For Longing, Firefly, Angelita, Will You Ever Call My Name?, The Wind is an Angry Friend, My Grief is not a Gift To You, One Thing Leads to Another, Father's Day, Time Has Humbled Me, You Do The Work, Soon

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Mark Simos ~  Solo Albums


Race The River Jordan (1995)

Sail Away Ladies (trad.), Sail Back Home Again, Scotty, Luther/The Last Straw, The Word in Edgewise, Lit Splickety/I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, Pony Boy, Dirk's Escape, Woody of the Lake/Neithammer Honeymoon, Armin's Socks/Sliding Up The Banister/Common Cold, Buckeye, New Valley Forge/Sandy's Shoes, Mandolin Boomerang, Race the River Jordan

(Recorded 1993, after the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes)

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Mark Simos ~ Band Member and Accompanist

The Great Waltz (1999)

Galician Waltz, Tourner a Trois, La Valser di Mezzanotte, Vals Efter Timas Hans Hansson, Sunday River, The Great Waltz of China, Buster Keaton, Tristesse, Enrichez Vous!, Farewell Marian, Cue's Mug, My Cape Breton Home, Hoekpers Vals, Valse de Bethmale, April Waltz

Also check out Childsplay's tunebook on Mel Bay Publications, The Great Waltz. Featuring 15 waltzes from around the world, complete with harmony parts for violin, viola and cello ...all arranged for ensemble playing.

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Twelve-Gated City (1992)

SIDE 1:  Hughie Shortie's/Trip to Winsdor/Barrowburn, Cantares de mi Tierra, Polska fran Nas, Father Kelly's #2/Julia Delaney/Dinky's Reel, Twelve-Gated City, The Old Favorite/Return from Paris, Bob Child's/Golden Earring, Skipping Cat/Old Bell Cow

SIDE 2:  Diabinho Malucco, Polska efter Sjungar Lars fran Lima, La Grandeuse/Festival du Voyager. One-horned Sheep/The Sailor's Wife/Drummond Castle, Isle of Skye/Loudoin's Bonnie Woods/Timour the Tartar. Childgrove, The Jig of Slurs/The Athol Highlander/Brenda Stubbert/The Reconciliation, White Oak, Waltz of the Little Girls

The Pied Piper's Call: Music from Ireland and Other Worlds

Tim Britton with Mark Simos, Albert Alfonzo and Friends
1993 Tim Britton

Tim Britton is one of my all-time favorite musicians and people; a gifted piper, whistle player, improviser, tunesmith, accompanist. He also taught me to eat bee pollen, not to ride in roadsters with him (the week after he got his driver's license he rear-ended a cop car!), to beware of people practicing TM on the third floor above my bedroom, and to treasure true musical companionship when you're lucky enough to find it. This album was recorded at an audiophile's retreat, far from the disturbing influences of the electromagnetic effluvia of the Grid of Which We Are All Unfortunately Part. Other worlds indeed!

The Starry Lane to Monaghan
Fintan Vallely & Mark Simos

1991 Whinstone Discs

Fintan is a great flute-player, originally a piper, with a strong rhythmic "pushing breath" style in the tradition of some of the great older style Northern players. This album was a reunion effort for us after many years had passed since our 1984 Shanachie release. After recording this Fintan and I got to play Irish music around Verona, Italy. Reciting the Myles na Gcopaleen "Catechism of Cliche" the entire way...

Fresh Takes
John Whelan & Eileen Ivers w/ Mark Simos

1987 Green Linnet 1075

Mark Simos: Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer

Fintan Vallely
Fintan Vallely

1984 Shanachie 29019

Mark Simos: Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer

Last Night's Fun

1979 Shanachie 29017

Mark Simos: Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin


Mark Simos
Guest Accompanist:
Irish Music

Gaelic Roots
Boston College Irish Studies Program

1997 Kells Music KM-9514

A Whistle on the Wind
Joannie Madden

1994 Green Linnet 1142

The Rights of Man:
The Concert for Joseph Doherty

1991 Green Linnet 1111

The Celtic Fiddle Collection
Playing With Fire

1989 Green Linnet 1101

The Big Squeeze
Masters of the Celtic Accordion

1988 Green Linnet 1093

Cherish the Ladies
Cherish the Ladies

1985 Shanachie 79053

Mark Simos: honorary Lady for one track
(Guitar with Eileen Ivers

 Uncommon Bonds
Mick Moloney & Eugene O'Donnell

1984 Green Linnet 1053




Mark Simos
Guest Accompanist:
Other Music


Let It Begin Now - Music from the Spiral Dance
Written and performed by Starhawk, Reclaiming, and Friends

Serpentine Music Productions, PO Box 1667, San Francisco, CA 95436

Mark Simos: Fiddle, Guitar, Piano (some arranging)

 Heart Will Carry On - Gerry Tenney & The Lost Tribe

Gerry Tenney, P.O. Box 3466, Oakland, CA 94609

Tell The Truth - Jamie Watson

Jamie Watson, P.O. Box 1022, Havertown, PA 19083

Mark Simos: Piano



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