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Music by Mark Simos ~ Devachan Publishing


Songs Mark Simos has played on

released 2016

"Simos approaches Irish music in a way that I've never heard any other guitarist attempt, finding rhythmic accents where no other explorer has dared venture, and applying harmony that owes as much to avant-garde jazz as to the three-chord trick. And it all works magnificently." — Andy Cheyne, Folk Roots

" of my favorite guitar players in the genre of Irish music. His sensitivity and knack for finding workable and unique harmonies are legendary..." — All-Ireland button accordeon champion Billy McComiskey

"I know him best as an accompanist, and he is one of the finest I have ever heard; he always adds, always complements, always inspires the lead instrumentalist to greater heights. Irish music in America would not be the same without him." — Mick Moloney